DUI: Field Sobriety

DUI: Field Sobriety

Tampa DUI: Field SobrietyTampa DUI: Field Sobriety

You Have the Right to Refuse a Field Sobriety Test

Did you know 90 percent of people who undergo a DUI field sobriety test in Florida are arrested? Did you also know that you have the right to refuse a DUI field sobriety test?If law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving, you can say, “No!” to a field sobriety test. If you do, law enforcement will use your refusal as evidence of guilt.If that happens, you need a lawyer right away — someone with significant DUI defense experience who will protect your rights.

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Understanding the DUI Field Sobriety Test

Results from the DUI field sobriety test are subjective. They often depend on variables which are out of your control:

  • Has the breathalyzer been maintained on a regular basis?
  • Has it been calibrated recently?
  • What is the true service life of a machine which gets carried around in a squad car 365 days a year?
  • How can results be accurate when the DUI field sobriety test is administered by different personnel with varying degrees of skill and training?

Blood tests are generally more accurate, but even they are subject to error, depending on the circumstances in which blood was drawn, and your health and unique body chemistry.

Not every squad car in Florida is equipped with a video camera, so the opinion of the police officer in those cases is not documented.

Every body is different. Results of breathalyzer or blood tests may vary depending on your age, weight and ongoing health conditions. What you eat and when you last ate may alter findings as well.

In DUI cases like these, it is important to retain skilled legal counsel. An attorney at Bauer Crider & Parry will move to have the charges dropped or reduced, depending on the circumstances of your case. You will also need to schedule a DMV hearing to request a hardship driving permit.

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