Do I Need A Lawyer If I Am Guilty?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and you believe that you are guilty, you might be wondering how a criminal defense lawyer can help you. You believe you are guilty, and you plan on pleading guilty, so why should you waste your time and money on a lawyer? Regardless of your beliefs concerning your guilt, you will likely benefit from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The primary reason you should hire a lawyer is to make sure your legal rights and liberties are protected. The criminal justice system is complicated and trying to navigate it yourself may result in deleterious consequences. The judge will not sit down with you and discuss your options when you plead guilty. The prosecutor will not explain flaws in his or her case to you. The prosecutor will not tell you if his or her offer to your guilty plea is reasonable or not. An experienced attorney can read the report, speak with the witnesses, and consider all aspects of your case (good and bad) before you negotiate your case for a plea or go to trial.

Additionally, your lawyer will know what the best possible outcome in your case will be, under a plea or trial, and will construct a strategy to improve the odds of achieving that result. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to obtain a resolution that is less severe than if you had simply pleaded guilty. For example, Florida has pre-trial diversion (aka deferred adjudication) programs for both misdemeanor and felony charges that may apply to your case. If you qualify, and complete certain conditions, your case will be dismissed.

When your finances and liberties are in jeopardy, it should be obvious to you that you need someone with experience and knowledge to defend them. The attorneys at Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry, are here to defend your fundamental interests during this difficult and precarious time. We will aggressively and effectively handle every aspect of your criminal defense. Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry, have provided Floridians with more than 30 years of strong criminal defense, stronger results, and over 130 combined years of legal experience.

Never believe you can’t win.