Dog Fighting In Florida

In a rural Florida town, hiding by thick trees and well off the beaten path, nearly 100 people retreated into the woods. These people were running from Putnam County Sheriffs who were responding to call about people yelling and dogs barking.

When the Sheriffs arrived they found a semi-elaborate dog fighting facility, complete with a fighting arena and kennels. Almost 30 cars, 19 dogs, a digital hanging scale, two cell phones, sponges, and a 12-gauge were all found at the scene as well.

Several people who live in the surrounding areas were contacted, but all denied being involved with the dog fighting. All the dogs were taken to a local shelter, which was broken into the next day. The thief stole a red pitbull that was taken from the fighting kennel. The Sheriff’s office is now conducting an investigation to find those who were involved.

Dog Fighting Charges

Like in all 50 states, dog fighting in Florida is a felony. It is also a federal felony to engage in dog fighting activities. Florida classifies dog fighting as a third-degree felony. This law applies to:

  • Keeping fighting dogs
  • Instigating or organizing dog fights
  • Hosting dog fights
  • Attending dog fights

If you’ve been charged with dog fighting, you’re facing serious penalties if convicted. In fact, Florida has some of the strictest laws when it comes to dog fighting and animal cruelty in general. The lawyers at Bauer, Crider & Parry have the knowledge and experience needed to defend their clients against state and federal felony charges. With more than 50 years of combined experience the Clearwater Defense team can handle any case.