What Is Voyeurism?

One Florida high school student is finding out the meaning, and implications, of this word first hand.

The student in question allegedly stole his teacher’s cell phone when she stepped out into the hallway during a break between classes. He then looked through the photos stored on her phone. While browsing through the pictures he found a nude photo of the teacher, which he decided to post online.

The teacher has stepped down from her teaching job at Union High School, and has not publicly commented on the issue.

The 16-year-old student, who is being tried as a minor, is facing charges of voyeurism and a computer crime. These are both serious charges that can greatly impact his life if convicted.

The computer charge refers to possessing or depriving the owner of their computer or computer data. Voyeurism laws make it illegal to record or make a digital file of someone without their consent, for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Because this is the boy’s first offense, both charges are misdemeanors. However, if he is convicted the penalty could be as high as four years in prison and $10,500 in fines.

It’s times like these that show us that what we think might be a harmless prank can turn into serious charges and life altering events for everyone involved. Dealing with nude photos is always a risky proposition, no matter who’s they are. If you’ve been charged with any kind of crime involving nude photos, call the lawyers at Bauer Crider Kenny & Parry.