Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving After Hosting a Party

If you are planning on being the “hostess with the mostest” this holiday season, throwing a party that your friends and family will remember is probably on the forefront of your mind. Another matter that should be considered is the safety of your guests and the avoidance of a DUI. The combination of alcohol consumption and leaving your home late at night can result in a dangerous situation for party guests.

Fatalities caused by driving under the influence has historically spiked around major holidays, which is why police officers are known to be extra vigorous at making arrests for DUI.

What You Should Know as the Party Host

Party hosts have a specific responsibility to do what they can to prevent their guests from drunk driving. Many states have even created specific laws that hold the host liable for damages caused by intoxicated guests because they allowed an intoxicated person in their care to get behind the wheel.

There are steps you can take to help prevent carrying liability and overall protecting guests from a criminal record. Here are some of the specific actions you can take:

  • Have non-alcoholic drinks available
  • Don’t make alcohol the main attraction
  • Provide small cups for guests
  • Have plenty of hearty food available
  • Avoid providing salty snacks
  • Collect guests’ keys
  • Stop serving alcohol 1-2 hours before the event ends
  • If someone is visibly drunk, don’t serve them
  • Provide sleeping arrangements
  • Remain alert yourself so you can be aware of the situations

If you or a loved one has been accused of driving while drunk after your party, make sure that you have the legal help of a knowledgeable attorney. Contact our Clearwater DUI attorney at your earliest convenience to get started!