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Standing Up for You

Being charged with a crime can be confusing, frightening, and stressful. You might not know exactly what you’ve been accused of or why. You might have numerous questions about the judicial process and how to navigate it. And you might want to know how you can build an effective defense to protect your rights and freedoms. Fortunately, our team at Bauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry is here to provide the answers, guidance, and legal counsel you need to resolve your case. Together we have over 100 years of experience, and two of our attorneys are Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers. We know how to develop and present persuasive legal strategies, and we will be committed to working toward a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Our Trinity criminal defense attorneys are available 24/7 by phone to discuss your circumstances. When you call us to get started on your defense, we’ll provide honest and straightforward explanations of your charges and your legal options. Throughout your case, we’ll maintain open communication, providing updates, and helping you decide on how to proceed. We know the significant impacts a criminal accusation can have on your life, and we will leverage our resources to seek to minimize the effects of a conviction.

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Aggressive Defense for Various Criminal Matters

In Florida, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. A conviction for either has the potential to affect you for years and make it difficult to live life as you once did. The judgment will show up on your criminal record, which is accessible to the public. Not only could this ruin your reputation and relationships, but it could also make it difficult to get a job or find a place to live. Additionally, a conviction for certain crimes come with a requirement to register your information to law enforcement, and if you fail to do so, you could be charged with another crime.

To work toward a favorable outcome, such as having charges dropped or the case dismissed, you must challenge the accusations, and you must do so aggressively. However, you don’t have to do this alone. When you hire our Trinity criminal defense attorneys for your case, you’ll have a loyal advocate on your side working to protect your rights and best interests. We understand the seriousness of a criminal charge, which is why we will devote our time and resources to fight the allegations made against you.

We deliver effective counsel for all types of criminal matters, including:

Focused on Your Case

AtBauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry, we are focused only on criminal defense matters, which means we have an intimate understanding of the complexities and nuances of these types of cases. You’ll benefit from having legal representation on your side who knows how local, state, and federal courts work. You might think your case is too challenging, but we know you have legal options and defenses may be raised on your behalf.

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