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What Not To Wear (To Court)

On Behalf of | May 2, 2016 | Firm News

1. Look Serious

When the judge sees you they need to see someone who is taking the matter
seriously. Make sure your attire shows that you understand what’s
going on. First impressions count.

2. Look Focused

The courtroom is no place to make a fashion statement. Leave bright colors,
distracting patterns, and exotic flare at home. Avoid anything that would
surprise the judge or jury and distract them from the case. Solid colors
and neutral shades are never a bad idea.

3. Look Professional

Professional attire is encouraged as much as possible. There’s no
need to break the piggy bank open to buy an entire new wardrobe, just
use what you already have and borrow what you don’t from friends
and family.

4. Look Respectable

Hats, glasses, and hoods should be avoided, unless worn for a religious
or medical reasons. Modesty is key for both genders, and try to cover
up tattoos if possible. This is not the time or place to let your personality
show with your clothes.

You want the judge and jury to remember the facts, not your outfit. Lawyers
are certainly not the fashion police, but we can give some advice. If
you keep it simple and professional, there shouldn’t be any problems.