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Attorneys David Parry, Matthew Kindel and Curtis Crider

Expunging A Criminal Record In Florida

Everyone makes mistakes. Those mistakes don’t have to haunt us for the rest of our lives in the form of a criminal record. Florida offers a process for qualified applicants to expunge their criminal history record. At Bauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry in Tampa Bay, our criminal defense attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience between them. They have worked on thousands of cases, and those cases have included complex criminal law matters. We can facilitate a petition for expungement to seal your criminal history record.

What Is An Expungement?

The Florida state laws require that any successful petition for expungement requires that the criminal history record be destroyed by order of the court. An expunction essentially orders that the documents related to a past criminal incident, like the arrest report and case records, be destroyed.

What Crimes Are Eligible For Expungement?

Misdemeanor convictions, some plea agreements, and some arrests for a felony that did not lead to a conviction could be eligible for expunction. Only certain offenses will qualify for expungement, and certain offenses will automatically be disqualified for expungement. Disqualifying offenses include several different types of sex crimes, sexual battery charges, acts of domestic violence, computer and child pornography charges, drug trafficking charges, and fraud charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know if the charges in your criminal record are eligible for expunction.

Is It Worth It To Expunge Your Criminal History?

Any criminal charges, including times when you were arrested and fingerprinted but not necessarily adjudicated guilty, will still show up as part of your criminal record. These criminal records will show up as part of any background check or investigation for a job or housing application. This means that even if the state’s attorney dismissed the charges against you, the incident could still show up in a background search.

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Our criminal defense attorneys offer a free, initial consultation. During this appointment, they will be able to answer any of your questions about expunging your criminal record history. To schedule your free appointment, contact our office by calling 727-275-9822 or by sending an email through our website form.