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Is a Terroristic Threat a Felony?

Terroristic threats involve the act of making a threat to commit violence against another person or group of people. This crime is a felony offense and can involve threats made over the phone, electronic messages, or even a verbal threat.

A crime of this nature is taken very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors, and even federal agencies. In order to convict you of this crime, they will not need to prove that you intended to carry through, but simply that you made the threat.

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A few examples of terroristic threats include threatening to:

  • Build or use a bomb to destroy property
  • Use a symbol to terrorize others
  • Damage property to terrorize others
  • Throw a dangerous object at an occupied home or vehicle
  • Release a hazardous material
  • Commit any act of violence
  • Kill someone or harm them physically

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