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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Florida, you must proceed through the justice process to resolve your case. Various laws, rules, and policies make up this system, which means, without an in-depth understanding of it, it could be difficult to manage. Thus, trying to handle your criminal charges on your own may be difficult. That is why it’s crucial to reach out to an attorney right away to help with your case. Having legal representation on your side can make the complexities of the judicial system more manageable and can have a substantial impact on the outcome of your case.

If you need a lawyer who will provide the effective defense you need to fight your criminal charge, look no further than our team at Bauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry. We have over 100 years of combined experience, and two of our lawyers are Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers in the State of Florida. We know the law, the courts, and how to defend your rights. Our Clearwater criminal defense attorneys have handed over 10,000 cases, and we know what it takes to present a compelling strategy to challenge accusations. And while we know that the judicial process may be similar for each case, we also know that your situation is unique. That is why we will provide focused and personalized attention from start to finish.

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What Are the Steps in Florida’s Judicial Process?

In Florida, the process you’ll go through to defend your criminal case depends on your specific circumstances. Generally, it includes an arrest, a first appearance, an arraignment, motions hearings, pretrial hearings, plea negotiations, and a trial.

The things you say and do and the decisions you make at every step in the process can affect the results of your case. Even if you haven’t been formally charged, the statements you make during an initial interrogation might be used to prove your guilt later on. It’s important to know your rights and know that you can have an attorney representing you from the very beginning. At Bauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry, our criminal defense lawyers can provide sound advice and guidance for your case. We’ll walk you through the process and help you understand what to expect.

We handle a variety of criminal matters, including:

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Your case might seem complex, and because the prosecution has evidence against you, you might think that the only option you have is to plead guilty. It’s not. Our team is focused solely on handling criminal defense matters, and we know that even in the toughest cases, there are options. We’ll take the time to listen to your side of the story and help determine how to proceed. We understand that the outcomes can potentially affect you for years, which is why we focus on your best interests while employing a strategic approach to handling your case.

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