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Marijuana Grow Homes in Florida

Growing marijuana or cultivating other drugs has become an epidemic in Florida. Many law enforcement agencies have concentrated their resources on the detection of these illegal grow operations. Shutting them down and convicting people who operate grow houses and farms has become a priority, whether it’s grown in a neighbor’s backyard or a full blown grow farm operation.

At Bauer Crider Kindel & Parry, we have made it a priority to defend people charged with drug trafficking or any other drug offense that arises from marijuana cultivation. For a free consultation to discuss your rights and options, contact us today.

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana in Florida?

The acts of planting, cultivating, harvesting or processing any drug are called drug cultivation. Any of these acts are illegal in Florida. In some instances, once the drugs from these operations are sold, this can result in federal charges. Even plants that are grown for personal use can lead to very severe penalties and in many cases may result in a prison sentence in Florida.

The Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act has increased the penalties associated with all types of charges stemming from marijuana grow operations. Our marijuana grow house attorneys have extensive experience defending people faced with these charges.

We can help you challenge evidence or other aspects of your case arising from:

  • Tips provided by a neighbor
  • Suspicious electric bills you are said to have generated
  • Detection of grow house equipment

Two of our attorneys are certified by the Florida Bar as Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers. We have the experience, skill and tenacity to negotiate effectively on your behalf as well as aggressively represent you at trial, should that become necessary.

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