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Florida Law And Self-Defense

You have the right to defend yourself. If you are facing criminal charges for acting in self-defense, our criminal defense attorneys at Bauer, Crider, Kindel and Parry can protect your right to defend yourself from harm. Our firm has offices in Clearwater and Port Richey, and our attorneys have over 100 combined years of criminal defense experience.

Using Non-Deadly Force In Self-Defense

Florida law acknowledges that there are times when force is justified in the name of self-defense. The use of non-deadly force is permissible under Florida law when a victim has a reasonable belief that unlawful force is imminent. If a person is in their own home, the fear of imminent harm is presumed and implied.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law For Self-Defense

Under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, deadly force is justified if a person has a reasonable belief deadly force is necessary to prevent an impending and imminent forcible felony or to prevent imminent bodily harm to themselves or another. This makes self-defense an affirmative defense for murder charges. The use of deadly force is also justified if a person is attempting to resist an act they believe will lead to murder, or if they are in their own home and believe a felony is being committed.

Can Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Be A Defense For An Assault Charge?

If you have evidence that can prove you were acting in self-defense, you may be able to use Florida’s Stand Your Ground law as a defense in your assault case. The Stand Your Ground law states that deadly force can be used to prevent a forcible felony. A forcible felony includes:

  • Robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual battery or assault
  • Murder

If you have been accused of assault and believe that you may be eligible to use Florida’s Stand Your Ground law in self-defense or that you were acting in self-defense, reach out to our firm. Our criminal defense attorneys utilize independent investigations and prepare every possible defense when representing our clients.

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