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Florida’s Drug Courts

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Tampa Hillsborough County Florida Drug Court Attorney Lawyer

If you were recently arrested as a first-time offender on a drug charge,
you may be able to avoid a felony conviction through Pretrial Intervention
Drug Court. Drug court is a form of rehabilitation instead of punishment.
You complete the program’s courses and probation in exchange for
not receiving a felony conviction – an invaluable asset in anyone’s
productive life.

In order to be eligible for adult drug court, you must meet the following
requirements: be at least 18, be new to Drug Court, admit your drug problem
and desire to complete the treatment, and pass a criminal background check
free of prior felonies. The program includes about two months of initial
treatment, including 18 months of supervision.

If you have been arrested for drugs and meet the requirements above, don’t
let a felony record ruin your life. The attorneys at Bauer, Crider, Kenny
and Parry, are here to defend your fundamental interests during this difficult
and precarious time. We will aggressively and effectively handle every
aspect of your criminal defense. Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry, have
provided Floridians with over 30 years of strong criminal defense, stronger
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