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Apple Announces iPhone Update Will Block Police Hacking with GrayKey

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2018 | Firm News

GrayKey is a controversial device that allows users to “crack” or hack iPhones with ease. Due to its ability to quickly access confidential and hidden information, law enforcement agencies across the country have reportedly been buying the device in droves. Police and federal agencies have defended their purchases by saying the device is needed to bypass encryptions that would otherwise hide crucial evidence of criminal activities.

Apple has recently announced it will counter GrayKey – and therefore law enforcement itself – by soon releasing an iOS update to prevent cracking and hacking conducted with the device. The update will render an iPhone’s USB port entirely unresponsive to anything but electrical battery charging after the phone has not been used for one hour. Unlocking the phone will reset the timer on the USB port.

GrayKey needs to access an iPhone’s “Lightning” USB port to work. Therefore, if a phone has been dormant for 60 minutes or more, GrayKey becomes useless. Police will need to act fast to get a warrant to take a suspect’s phone and hack it. Indeed, it is arguably impossible for both procedures to be done in only an hour, as some software engineers have noted GrayKey takes two hours at the fastest to dig up the iPhone’s password, but might take as long as three days to do so.

For more information about this ongoing story, you can click here to read a full article posted by The Verge online newsgroup.

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